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Engineering Services International

Engineering Services International GmbH aims to provide our partners access to the Swiss market place to either fulfill certain administrative elements or to assist in the full execution of international construction projects. With ESI, your project has the upper hand.

ESI has the experience and insight to comprehensively customize project solutions to fit the needs and goals of our partners. We believe in creating and sustaining long term relationships with our partners and do so by providing the highest level of service to fit the personal needs of each project element.

Project Management

From the cradle to the grave or to manage only certain aspects of your construction project, ESI implements solutions to optimize project flow.

Financial Management

ESI provides our partners with the necessary tools to effectively manage the financial aspects of their construction project. Centralizing all financial activities and providing customized methods of monetary flow, allows our partners the clear and concise control they require to successfully fulfill their project goals.

Product Representation

ESI provides our partners with the necessary machinery they may need to complete their project. We represent a wide range of innovative equipment producers and pay close attention to the trends in the construction industry.

Technology Implementation

Once the correct machine or method is found to perform its specified activity ESI assists in installation activities as well as implementation of the most efficient method of line production.


ESI was established in 2008 in Zurich, Switzerland with the purpose of offering the international construction community a powerful tool: the centralization of administrative and financial elements of construction projects.

Our goal is to create an inspirational environment in which ideas, innovation and technological development can be shared in an combined effort to meet project demands.
The three core functions we provide are:

  •  Management of international projects

  •  Implementing of intelligent methods of construction

  •  Development of state-of-the-art technologies


The Swiss Import Promotion Programme (SIPPO) is one of OSECs mandates financed by the SECO (Swiss Secretariat of State for Economic Affairs. OSEC helps companies from Switzerland and Liechtenstein to develop and expand their activities abroad. This acts as a powerful impetus to foreign trade. As a result of a decision taken by the Swiss parliament on 1st January 2008, Osec has become the umbrella organisation for the promotion of exports, imports and investments, as well as for the promotion of Switzerland as a business location, making it "The home of foreign trade promotion". The intention is adopt a more coordinated approach in tandem with other promotional agencies active at a federal level when promoting Switzerland abroad as a potential business location.

Taets Techniek B.V. can offer our clients the perfect, cost efficient, easily applied, high quality pilebreaking technology on the market. Our Dutch partner, developed the unique pilebreaking concept 24 years ago. This technology makes it possible to break all prefabricated and bored piles with a diameter up to 1.8 meter and break up to an incredible 200 piles per working day.

Transzvuk represents a Modulor Coordinating Piling System - a highly efficient unit that can meet the demands of almost any project be it for high-rising construction, the preservation of historical buildings or maritime structures. This state-of-the-art piling technology providing a significant technological contribution to the environmentally friendly 21st century and facilitates the establishment of new standards in foundation engineering.

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